Friday, June 9, 2017

Good job, Reaper! Play of the Game, Baby. That was gorgeous.

We were having a conversation on the Penny Arcade forums the other day about how Mercy resurrecting a single teammate can sometimes be the most strategically powerful thing she can do, and I spouted up with an amazing example I'd just had where I solo-rez'd an Ana, who gave me a position to fly to to escape a teamfight and Nanaboosted our Rein, who cleaned house on the point.

Tragically, I didn't hit the fucking share button and that footage will never see the light of day, but today - not an hour ago! - this happened on Volskaya.

When my highlight intro came up at the end of the game I literally said "that is bullshit, you got robbed, Reaper!" but... on the other hand... this is also a pretty good example of getting a lot of value out of a solo rez.  Rein comes back, hammers down four of the reds, Reaper wrecks 'em with Death Blossom.

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