Sunday, June 18, 2017

Overwatch fan art anyone?

My laptop died last week - after like, barely a year of service - and I have resolved to never again purchase an HP product as long as I live.  I replaced it with a Dell, which various websites advise is the second most-reliable laptop, behind Macs.

I don't want a Mac.

I took the HP into Best Buy (lamenting the application of the great big Galak-Z sticker that came with the Indiebox physical release), bought an external hard drive and paid them a hundred bucks to copy the laptop contents over to the external HDD. What contents are those, you ask?

Well, pretty much just my blog work folders.  That is, folders upon folders of key art, official screens and - in cases of special games like Vanillaware products, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Darkest Dungeon and Overwatch - fan art. My Overwatch folder is currently sitting at 2.83 gigs.

I really just use it for my video posts.  So, y'know.  A hundred bucks well spent.  Care to indulge with me?

I've actually pulled out Genji a bit, lately.  I am... not good with him.

Annnd let's do some Reaper.

Annnd let's do someone I never post stuff of... Hmmmm...

Actually I found some awesome Widowmaker stuff lately.

Incredible, no?

Huntress remains Widow's only really awesome legendary skin.  I don't know why some people prefer Noire.

It's like if Widowmaker were played by Eva Green.

Annnd a little Tracer to finish things off.

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