Saturday, June 3, 2017

Overwatch Match Highlights 5 - Killing The Light

My matches last night were pretty terrible.  I just was not gettin' work done, though I had a pretty good Mercy round on Volskaya (that ended in a loss, naturally).  Oh.  Look at that, Overbuff says 5 wins 4 losses - but it didn't feel like that, maybe because three of those losses were on Tracer.  I just couldn't rely on her like I usually can, and it culminated in the Ilios match below.

It's me and a five-stack.  Now you hope that a five-stack has some sort of communication going on, and some sort of sense that healers are good and healers with tanks are more better, but... no.  They all go DPS so I'm like "fuck it, I've had wonderful matches with 6 DPS, and this might be another one."

It wasn't.  We took round one, but I wasn't contributing like I should have.

I've fought Reapers so rarely over the past year, perhaps, that I seem to have a terrible sense of his effective range, at the moment.  I've been stomping mediocre ones, but even half-decent ones have been terrifying me, and while the reds' Roadhog was excellent with his hooks (died twice to him), it was really the Reaper that was putting the fear of death into me.

Then, one of the five-stack leaves.

Then, we get a filler. The fill picks Orisa.

I switch to Mercy.


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