Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Aw yeah - the Little Witch Academia PS4 game is gettin' localized.

Turns out, despite its appearance, it's a sidescrolling beat-'em-up!  Coming early 2018 to PS4 and PC via Bandai Namco.

[update] Oh, that reminds me - check this out:

Little Witch Academia's crazy lead, Atsuko Kagari, is getting a Nendoroid.  Now, a year ago, this woulda' been preordered - but I'm essentially off figures now.  Outside of Overwatch Nendos.  Naturally.

But oh shits,

A Bloodborne figma - nicely detailed, entirely articulated, and they haven't announced any accessories yet - but Figmas tend to come with a lot of accessories.  They're usually about $75 (Canadian), and because the accessories haven't been announced yet I can continue to dream that it will come with a top hat to replace the Hunter's cap and Ludwig's Holy Blade in place of the Saw Cleaver.

Fingers crossed! [/update]

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