Monday, July 24, 2017

Check out these Beyond-Human gifs.


2D pixel art, flashy, high-flying, juggling combat, and a PS Vita hashtag.  Be still my beating heart.  This is exactly the kind of game I want on my Vita, and the type that I've only found in a few rare gems like Guacamelee and the Vanillaware stable.

Now here's the thing...

Beyond Human was already on Kickstarter.  Back in 2015.  It made €4,137 out of its €20,000 goal, and never happened.  I love its one-line description - "Beyond Human is a Metroidvania Sci-Fi platformer inspired by Metroid, Megaman, and Devil May Cry."

God that sounds good.  Come August 1st, I'm puttin' some money down.  I'm in.  

I wonder why #Vita is the only platform in the Tweets?  ...that seems odd.  Drinkbox famously launched (the excellent) Sundered on Vita before it got smartphone ports, and they... never said much about its commercial success on the platform, when they had previously been very outspoken supporters of the thing.

We'll see.  Maybe it was that article about the Vita being a boutique platform at the end of June?

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