Thursday, July 6, 2017

Doomfist is real, he's on the Overwatch PTR, and this is his deal.

No, he's not voiced by Terry Crews.  Much better (as I explain on today's podcast), he's voiced by a relative unknown - American actor and director Sahr Ngaujah.

I honestly thought it'd take longer, but here we are!  Turns out Doomfist is... exactly what was leaked months ago - highly mobile, melee-focused with a charging strike on a short cooldown, an uppercut, a diving attack and an AoE ult - and his introduction is a lovely anime short.

Here's his official page on the Overwatch site, here's Jeff Kaplan's ten-minute talk on the subject and here's the PTR patch notes - the PTR being the only place you can currently check him out.  The Gamepedia Wiki already has all the deets we want on his abilities (why the fuck doesn't Blizz just have this on their site?).

He's an offense hero. 

He has 250 HP.  He's also very large, making him a relatively easy target to land shots on if you don't take his absolutely insane mobility into account.

Let's break it down.

The Best Defense
Doomfist has a passive that activates each time he damages an enemy with one of his Gauntlet abilities (yes, including his ult).  Each enemy damaged adds +30 shields to him, up to a max of 150 (for a total potential health pool of 400).  After a one-second delay, the shields will begin to decay at a rate of 2 per second.

Hand Cannon
On the hand that's not clad in a colossal bionic gauntlet of death, Doomfist has a shotgun barrel on each knuckle (4).  The damage is okay - it's a projectile attack (see: not hitscan) with a relatively short range, 6 pellets per shots, 11 damage per pellet for a potential 66 damage per shot.  What's weird is he doesn't reload it - a shot will automatically regenerate after 0.7 seconds, and it's great for finishing off targets you've softened up with his more spectacular skills.

So he like, bio-generates shotgun rounds in his forearm.  Y'know, like one does.

Rocket Punch
This is Doomfist's primary thing.  It's on a crazy-short cooldown at the moment - 4 seconds.  You hold down the button and he begins charging the attack.  Release, and he blasts forward like fifteen yards.  At no charge it does 30 damage at impact.  At max charge it does 100.  When you hit your target, they're thrown backwards.  If that throw tosses them into a wall, they will take an additional thirty damage at no charge and 150 damage at full charge.

That means, yes, Doomfist can one-shot 250HP heroes (like himself!) on a four second cooldown.  It's not super-easy to land, it seems, as he doesn't instantly appear at his destination, but Seagull is already tearing up the world with him.

Rising Uppercut
On a 7-second cooldown, Doomfist does a shoryuken, firing himself and up to two enemies into the air - like ten meters up.  It deals 50 damage, and while you're up there you can then charge a Rocket Punch (that will shoot you in a linear line straight forward by that same fifteen-ish yards - as a mobility option).  Or you could just wail on them with his Hand Cannon as you fall.  Orrr...

Seismic Slam
Any time Doomfist is airborne (and on a 7-second cooldown), a cone-shaped reticle appears on the ground.  Activate Seismic Slam and he slams down there, dealing 50 damage and bouncing any enemies caught into the cone into the air and towards Doomfist.  If you're looking say, straight forward instead of down, Seismic Slam can actually propel him forward a'la Rocket Punch.  Doomfist can easily get on top of the jet in Gibraltar, for example.

Ultimate Ability: Meteor Strike
Doomfist disappears from the battlefield (he leaps into the sky), and your view becomes a reticle that you can sweep across the battlefield from above.  Tap attack and your enemies will see a large red circle appear for like one second - if that - before Doomfist slams into the ground at its center.  Its area of effect is about half the size of Mei's ult.  It deals 300 damage at its center, enemies are thrown back and Jeff Kaplan says in his video that it knocks enemies down a'la Rein's Earthshatter, but I'm not sure that's true...

Yes, it's useable indoors.  Yes, enemies hit activate his Best Defense passive.

Here's an excellent video showing every ability in the Target Range.

Doomfist is, essentially, a fighting game character in a first-person shooter.  Slam, Uppercut and Rocket Punch are designed to be combo'd together, and when combined without an enemy in your sights, they permit him movement options that are really only rivaled by Genji.  His ability to get in and out is excellent, and while he doesn't have something like Genji's deflect or Tracer's recall, he should be able to get in there and dance on par with Nu Reaper.

The potential for 400 hp, I feel, is offset by his colossal hitbox, but I'm not sure Rocket Punch's insane one-shot potential will make it off the PTR with a 4-second cooldown, but it really is, essentially, Doomfist's primary fire.  His Hand Cannon is only there to clean up afterwards - so it may be more likely that they'll retain Rocket Punch's cooldown and decrease its potential damage, a'la Roadhog.

I cannot wait to check this dude out.