Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy America Day, Americans!

You're in a bad place, America.  A really, really bad, scary place - and on Saturday when Canada Day rolled around, I struggled to find a compliment I could pay you beyond your fabulous supply of exceptional bloggers.  This past weekend, though, my Twitter feed was going like mad all day.  It was almost all coming from @stephenathome - Stephen Colbert's personal Twitter account.

There was some kinda' "American Greatness" hashtag, and while it certainly didn't serve to endear me to the horrifying political and social situations in your country, it served as a nice reminder that there remains a lot of beauty south of the 49th parralel.

Good luck.  I hope you get through this.


  1. I've never been one for national pride. There's a particular strangeness about it, it feeling all too artificial and cliquish. But there are a lot of people right now—good, passionate people—doing their best to turn things around for the better. And I think that's something to be proud of.

    1. I never thought much about national pride. There've always been Canadian things I'm proud of - human rights work, peacekeeping work, medical stuff, the fact that we have more water than anyone else, awesome indie games studios and for some reason I love that Canadian snipers are considered the best in the world. The Human Rights Museum is in my town. ...but I'll be honest, what's happening to your country is making me feel a lot prouder of mine. Maybe it's our proximity (a lot of it is that, I think - America is like Canada's jock older brother), or maybe it's just that people like seeing the mighty fall.

      But I was thinkin' today about our LAST Prime Minister. He was very conservative, cut a lot of funding to science and the arts and fanned the flames of Islamaphobia. I was not proud of him, but I was confident that the country as a whole is very comparatively liberal, and it would steer itself back. It finally did, with Trudeau, but it was... infuriating to see my country at its relative worst. His policies didn't represent me, or what I was proud of in Canada.

      Y'know what I did? To fight back against an anti-science, anti-human rights, anti-arts government that was representing me for like a decade?

      Nothin'. Absolutely nothin'.

      I didn't even vote in the election that brought Trudeau in. The world is a train I'm watching go by, only because I'm morbidly curious about the impact I'm sure is coming. I'd be proud of the people fighting to make it better, too.

      Or maybe it's more like envy.

      That went way darker than I'd anticipated.