Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I think we all want Guillermo Del Toro to be incredible again.

Behold, the trailer for his next flick, The Shape of Water.

I feel like Del Toro's been on a downward trajectory for a while.  S'like... from 2004 on:

Hellboy - pretty darned good!

Pan's Labyrinth - this is a masterpiece and Guillermo Del Toro is a fucking genius.

Hellboy II - pretty darned good!

Pacific Rim - pretty darned shitty, with some amazing kaiju/giant robot fights!

Crimson Peak - really nice... costumes?  Yeah.  It had nice costumes.  I guess...

So I really want the Pan's Labyrinth Del Toro back.  A lot of people are already saying The Shape of Water basically looks like a Hellboy prequel with a focus on Abe Sapien - he's a fish man who eats eggs, enjoys classical music and the time period would actually line up with Hellboy chronology - but I'm hoping it's purely original.  At the very least, having a mute female lead is an unusual choice!

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  1. This is one hell of a boardwalk empire reunion too.