Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Man I haven't blogged in like a week. Let's break it down.

First of all, Doomfist comes to Overwatch on all platforms on July 27th.

They put out a cool behind-the-scenes vid giving a bit of insight into Doomfist's creation - most fascinating to me is that the character didn't even really exist when the kid gazed in wonder at Doomfist's gauntlet in the game's announcement trailer.  They just loved the name and the idea and started getting to work on him long after they should've.  Oh, and Terry Crews spoke to PC Gamer about the whole Doomfist thing - among other things!

What else... what else... Ooh!  There's a sale on PSN right now, and Salt and Sanctuary and Darkest Dungeon are both on sale, for $10.79 and $12.49 respectively.  I highly recommend both, but if you can only afford one - Darkest Dungeon.

Undertale's PlayStation release got a date today - it'll launch on August 15th on PS4 and Vita.  Noice!

Oh, did you see the trailer for Tooth and Tail?  It's a pixel-art RTS with cute mouse soldiers!

It'll be on PC and PS4 in September.  Apparently it was built with a controller in mind - we'll see.

Did you see Atari's ridiculous console announcement?  That's totes cray. Hahaha they wanna' crowdfund it that's hilarious.

But what have I been up to?

I've been playing Diablo III.

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