Monday, July 10, 2017

Oh lordy, that's lovely.

In my daily poke-around for Overwatch fan art, I saw this Bastion piece that was immediately apparent as the work of Justin Currie.


Justin Currie, of course, is a perennial favorite at my local comic con, and I haven't failed to pick up a piece or four of his works every year for the past half-decade or so.  He did a Zenyatta that I'm quite fond of last year - for a promotion Blizzard put on - and Currie's Zen still hangs up at my desk at work (along with Fear My Song, Plunge, A Fine Lunch Sketch - probably my single-favorite thing of his - and, of course, Aah! A Snake!)  Really, all of his stuff is pret-ty damned awesome and I encourage you to check him out - but neither his catalog nor the above Bastion piece are the reasons for this post.

Upon seeing Beat-Up-Bastion, I realized it's been months since I checked out what he's done, so I poured through his recent stuff and - ooh look at that, he's got a D.Va piece.

Upgrading The Rig

Nice.  Anyway, that's not the point either.  The point is this:

The Secret of Nimh

Holeeee shit.  If he doesn't have this at C4 this year I'm going to have to like, bully him into producing prints for me to order or something.  I need multiple copies of this. 

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