Thursday, July 6, 2017

Oooh Horizon just got another sweet new update.

Here's all the deets, but the short version is Verzion 1.30 includes...
  • Some progression bug fixes  
  • New Game + - restart the game without losing your character progression or inventory.  The level cap remains 50.  WOOO!
  • Updated versions of existing weapons and outfits with an extra mod slot (this is huge!) - they're only available in NG+.  
  • A new 'ultra-hard' difficulty setting (you can switch to an easier difficulty if you want). 
  • Two new trophies in NG+ (does not affect the platinum trophy - it's like DLC).  
  • The ability to "change Aloy's Focus" (her Bluetooth - no idea what changing it means).  [update] This can only be done after completing NG+ on hard, very hard and ultra.  I get the impression that you unlock different stuff for completing different difficulties? [/update]
  • The ability to add facepaint to Aloy.  [update] Like the Focus stuff, these options unlock after completing NG+ on the harder difficulties. [/update]
This presents me with a troubling conflict.  I wanna' keep goin' on my current Horizon playthrough, but with Doomfist hitting the Overwatch PTR, I'd like to get my 'watch legs back before the weekend. be honest, though... I think I'll be playin' Horizon.

Holy shit... does the facepaint also give the option to remove Aloy's headgear?  That's awesome if so!

[update] Holy crap you can turn headgear to off right in the options menu.  Cool beans! [/update]

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