Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Overwatch's Summer Games are now live! ...sort of.

Seriously?  Just swimsuits, now?

Well, let it never be said that Blizzard doesn't know their audience.   Here's the trailer for this year's Summer Games:

...and here's the official page on Blizz's site.

Tracer got... a victory pose where she's holding up a gold medal.  Meh.  Mercy's skin was actually leaked first thing this morning, but it's a... weird one to be included with the Summer skins.  Remember Nike of Samothrace (it came up in Dragon's Crown discussion some years back)?

Well, that's what Mercy's new legendary is based on.

'Winged Victory'

How's it look in-game?  No idea.  The Summer Games have been live since about 12 noon my time.  When I booted it up at 5PM, it advised me that I was behind 3,000 other players to log in.

That's cool, I can wait.  So I did.

Then, when it finally went to log me in, it disconnected me, booted me back to the opening screen and prompted me to press X to log in.  I pressed X.

10,000 other players in front of me.  So I waited.

Then, when the queu was exhausted and it went to log me in, it disconnected me and booted me back to the opening screen and prompted me to press X to log in.  I pressed X.

20,000 other players in front of me.  I went away to write a blog post (this one, in fact!)

The big news is, naturally, Widowmaker in a bikini, with her hair down and these fabulous 70s-style shades in place of her usual headgear.

'Côte d'Azur'

But I think my favorite of the whole lineup is 'Grillmaster: 76':

Heheh.  "A Salt Rifle."

Junkrat finally got a new legendary and it's... pretty meh.


I work with a Junkrat main and he is not very impressed with this.  Elsewhere, Widowmaker isn't the only hero getting the swimsuit treatment.


The gun is fugly but the rest is pretty cool.  Observe Blizzard's continued loyalty to and enthusiasm for the leftmost male nip.

Sombra also got like a diving suit.  Not like high dive or something, but like snorkling.


Which is, y'know, not bad.  They had to keep the silhouette of her skirts, so that's cool.  Finally, you may recall that Reaper got a super-edgy BMX biker spray during last year's Summer Games?



He's got like a cape, that's pretty cool.    Hope I can... y'know, log in at some point...

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